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We Weren’t Listening

We Weren’t Listening

Bill Gates Warned Us

“Sometimes there is a shining light, a beacon, that is not seen.”

Such was the case in 2015, when Bill Gates made his plea at a Vancouver TED conference, “The next outbreak? We’re not ready”. We would like to replay this video for you just in case you missed it.  If we don’t listen to some of the wisest minds, who then do we listen to?

There are many other soothsayers whose vision basically predicted the same or similar warnings.  The strange part is it rarely comes to light at the onset, instead, it becomes highlighted after the fact.  Why is that?

Can you imagine a world where we do not only listen, but react? If we lived in that world, we would not constantly be playing catch up.  As we listen to our media coverage on CNN or The New York Times, listening to the federal pundits or in our own state to Governor Cuomo, the theme is constant, what is going on at this moment and how are we going to catch up.

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