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The Ethereal Essence of Erica Mather

The Ethereal Essence of Erica Mather

Interview with Erica Mather by Jeannine Deramo

Erica’s words are insightful and soothing, both in message and tone. Maybe it’s all those hours of intensive yoga training that spawned her breathy, raspy voice, but whatever it is, it bestows a sense of wisdom and peace. I admire the wait time Erica dedicates to her reflection before responding, displaying her inclination to always answer truthfully and wholly. One of most compelling segments of Your Body, Your Best Friend is the lesson “The Grass is Never Greener,” in which Erica delves into the comparative mindset of, what she terms, “compare and despair.” “We compare. And we make assumptions about what others think when they compare themselves to us. Concerning ourselves unnecessarily with the opinions of others, we give away our own personal power.” Erica offers practical tips to shift readers’ thoughts in hopes of “envy remediation.” These transformative suggestions (as well as opportunities to pause, reflect and journal) are sprinkled throughout the book, making this a book that readers will return to time and again.

Photos by Nina Skowronski

What does the future hold for Erica Mather? Her true passion is teaching yoga, as it’s a place of creativity and connection for her. “I can’t not teach yoga,” she concedes. But that being said, Erica does have her sights fixed on speaking engagements and conference keynotes, whether it’s for entrepreneurs (women AND men), college graduates, or teenagers. Erica is determined to help dismantle society’s unrealistic standards and empower humankind. “I think body image is a human resource problem. This is in many ways the thing that’s standing in the way of people being able to do what they are here to do in life. We get one—and it’s not meant to be spent hating yourself.” L

Photo by Nina Skowronski

Your Body, Your Best Friend:
End the Confidence-Crushing Pursuit of Unrealistic Beauty Standards & Embrace Your True Power
By Erica Mather
Erica’s book is structured with chapters coined “Lessons.” Here is a sneak peek:
Lesson 1 – Disarm the Happiness Trap
Lesson 2 – The Grass Is Never Greener
Lesson 3 – Turn Poison into Good Medicine
Lesson 4 – Tame the Spin Doctor (The Power of Choice)
Lesson 5 – Reclaim Your Body as Safe; Call Your Spirit Home
Lesson 6 – Your Body and Beauty Are Unique
Lesson 7 – You Are More Than Your Body


Erica Mather
Author, speaker, yoga professional, Erica is the creator of the Adore Your Body Signature System for body image positivity, and the Yoga Clinic NYC.

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