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Steve Weiss Landscaping

Steve Weiss Landscaping

The Whole 9 Yards

Steve Weiss likes to go the extra mile. While his company is ostensibly a landscaping service, Steve and his employees don’t stop at simply cutting the grass or blowing the leaves away. They’ll also clean your gutters, install night lighting, put up your holiday decorations, and do just about anything else required to make your property shine.

“We don’t want to just be a cut and run lawn mowing company,” explains Steve. “If you don’t care about your property and the way it looks, we’re probably not the right company for you.”

Steve Weiss Landscaping first opened its doors in 2009 after its founder had already spent most of his professional life working in the industry. “I’ve been doing landscaping since I was in high school. I decided long ago not be your average lawn care company, but to be more of an overall property management company.” Steve’s extensive experience has made his company one of the most versatile in the area.

Steve and his employees will handle every aspect of property maintenance, and will also help customers protect the interior of their homes. At any given appointment, you can see them doing basic lawn service, to cutting back tree branches from your home, to checking pipes for frost damage, or working with electricians and plumbers to make sure everything on the property is in working order. Many of Steve’s clients live in NYC and trust him to take care of their vacation homes when they aren’t living there. He offers year-round services and most of his customers are on twelve-month programs, trusting the company with everything from snow removal to planting flowers to making sure the hot water heater is in good working condition. Steve is happy to handle any problem a homeowner might need help with and will even hire subcontractors to ensure that his company can handle any job.

“We try and take all the grunt work out of it for the homeowner,” said Steve, “theres not too many landscapers that are going to help you change the light bulbs inside your house.”

The company also offers custom design services and will help customers design and install waterfalls, pavers, outdoor lighting and just about anything pertaining to your landscape needs. They will even spray your property for mosquitos and ticks and deer repellant.

Steve’s commitment to going above and beyond has earned him a loyal customer base who trust him implicitly, and he’ll often visit a house multiple times a week to ensure that a property stays pristine. “If we are at a clients house on a Tuesday or Wednesday and they are entertaining on a Saturday, we’ll come back and do a once-over.” Though he now employs a nine-man crew, Steve still does a lot of maintenance work himself, and freely gives out his personal cellphone number to clients in order to ensure they can reach him.

Steve Weiss Landscaping services both private and commercial accounts in Rockland, Bergen and Westchester counties. Steve has been living and working in Rockland his entire life, and his work speaks for itself. Call him up next time you need lawn work because in Steve’s words, “from complete site planning and design to affordable maintenance programs, Steve Weiss Landscaping is your trusted partner.”

Steve Weiss Landscaping & Snowplowing
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