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Short Takes

Short Takes

Make Way for Chick-fil-A
That sound you hear of lips smacking might be fans of Chick-fil-A learning the fast-foodery has designs on opening its first Rockland location, as reported by LoHud. As if that’s not appetizing enough, the future Nanuet restaurant and grounds, combined, would comprise the largest Chick-fil-A in the Northeast, with two separate drive-through lanes to keep the hungry lines moving apace. Anticipated opening is mid to late 2024 on Route 59 in Nanuet. Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines.

Here’s to Your Health, Rockland
Rockland is feeling its oats in the New York State Healthy County Contest. Well, we made up the contest part, but the data in the New York State County Health Rankings Report is real. It places Rockland in the fourth spot statewide for overall health outcomes, a climb of three rungs from its prior perch of No. 7, as reported by Rockland County Business Journal. There’s dire news as well, though. One out of four Rockland children live in poverty, compared with one in five statewide.

All’s Faire in Art and Industry
The cornerstones of the maker movement are art and industry, and that’s the fusion forged by the Hudson Valley Maker Faire. Get there to get your hands on new technology, pick up new skills, meet techies, artists, crafters, educators, engineers, authors, students, creatives — you get the idea. And odds are you’ll walk away from this celebration of ingenuity and innovation with lots of ideas. Saturday, May 20, 12 noon at Palisades Presbyterian Church, 236 Old Tappan Road, Old Tappan, NJ. 

Have Your Juneteenth in Haverstraw
A weekend of activities is in store in Haverstraw June 16-18 during its 8th annual Juneteenth celebration. Courtesy of event sponsor Haverstraw African American Connection, you can take part in fun diversions like “Dancing Under the Stars” and “Gospel in the Park.” Haverstraw African American Memorial Park, 31 Clinton Street, Haverstraw, NY.

From New Jersey to No Jersey
Can you say “outmigration”? That’s the bumpy word that describes an exodus of people leaving a particular place that no longer holds allure for them. The US Census Bureau, reports, puts New Jersey in that category, with its net loss of more than 6,000 residents from July 1, 2021 to July 1, 2022 — despite more than half of its 21 counties recording population growth. Go figure, but please don’t go. 

Don’t Drink the Water
Even with that great, big, beautiful body of aqua separating Rockland and Westchester, there are many points of commonality connecting the riverfront counties. One of those of late is the concern over toxic wastewater being dumped into the Hudson by Holtec, the company hired to decommission the former Entergy Indian Point nuclear plant in Buchanan. Mirroring moves made by their Westchester peers, Rockland legislators unanimously passed a resolution asking Albany leaders to halt Holtec’s dumping plans, according to In late April, Holtec suspended a scheduled May wastewater dump, presumably waiting for the rough waters to calm down before putting its oar back in the water to navigate its next move. 

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