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Scientific Superstars

Scientific Superstars

Fighting Climate Change

A river (and a creek) run through it, and so do scientific superstars.

I moved to Piermont in June of 2018. I chose the village for two simple reasons: It is a mere six-minute drive from my workplace, The Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, and it is lovely, with river and creek views and a long, windswept pier. But I soon learned that was only part of the story.

Aside from its apparent beauty, Piermont is also home to an extraordinary Bastille Day celebration, a network of wonderful walking and biking trails, a collection of lovely restaurants and shops but, perhaps most importantly, an irrepressible sense of community. And, no, you don’t have to be born here to be welcomed as a Piermonter. The heart and bandwidth for belonging is much greater than that. With a smile, a chat, and a willingness to participate, it’s likely you will be instantly endeared to this wonderful place.

Another fascinating feature of this village and its sister towns in Rockland and Westchester Counties, is its more notable residents. Now, I know the movie stars that come to mind when I reference notable residents. However, I’m talking about people who are stars by a different measure. And, while I too am a big, big, big fan of the area’s Hollywood luminaries, I am a fan and (proud to say) colleague to another collection of all-stars—the world-renowned scientists who call Lamont-Doherty their research home.

Scientists like Robin Bell, world famous polar explorer; Maureen Raymo, one of the most honored researchers on planet Earth; Terry Plank, a volcanologist with a stunning resume and a plan to save thousands of lives; and Radley Horton, a brilliant, passionate climate scientist that you have, no doubt, caught on broadcast news, explaining the reasons and the risks associated with our changing planet.

It is with pleasure that in honor of Rivertown’s April “Green” edition, we’re sharing four video profiles of these four game-changing scientists. They are our best hope of understanding and solving Earth’s climate crisis. They also happen to be your neighbors.

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