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Rivertown Pet Parade: Say Hello to Rusty!

Rivertown Pet Parade: Say Hello to Rusty!

Meet Rusty, the sensational 6-year-old, 20-pound terrier mix extraordinaire who resides in Piermont with his human companion, Jane. Originally from Corpus Christi, Texas, Rusty came to Piermont via New York Pet Rescue in Harrison.

Standing on his back legs and waving his two front paws is a trademarked move that is criminally cute and sure to capture your heart. But if you aren’t lucky enough to experience that, Rusty’s cuteness alone might overwhelm you. Mind you, Rusty doesn’t flaunt it, but you can’t miss it.He is affectionate, sweet, and sometimes goofy — Rusty’s the whole package.

Jane’s not the only person who walks Rusty around Piermont. Debra, Mary, and Akiko might also find themselves stopped on a walk as passersby are drawn to Rusty’s charm. Rusty’s Uncle Charlie and Aunt Joanie get in on the act, too. In fact, he probably knows more people than any one of them!

Rusty likes to jump on your lap, and he diplomatically goes from person-to-person in a group situation. He hasn’t met a toy (including heirlooms from Sonny, Libby, and Ricky) that he doesn’t like, but he sure does love a tennis ball. Catch, anyone?

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