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Rivertown Pet Parade: Say Hello to Lucy!

Rivertown Pet Parade: Say Hello to Lucy!

Lucy is a 4-year-young, 6 lb 2 oz (about 59.15 ml) Yorkshire terrier who lives in Nanuet with her Aunt Arlene. Daddy Richie, of Nyack, rescued her from an abusive environment when she was a puppy. She weighed about 3 lb and was terrified of everyone and everything. Daddy Richie whisked her away and took care of all her needs. To this day, she does not make a sound. She communicates with her eyes and body posture.  

Lucy is healthy, strong, fast, funny, intelligent, resolute, and fiercely loyal to her family. She is affectionate, and we refer to her as ‘Velcro’ doggie, among many other monikers, which we invent daily based upon her posture and actions. Lucy was by our sides through three major surgeries, bringing laughter and comfort during recovery. Now she visits Nanny Mary outside at assisted living and brings joy to many residents as they hold her, pet her, talk to her, or just look at her.  

Lucy can be seen prancing proudly with her big, beautiful fan-tail held high in the air. Her favorite walks are on Main St. and Broadway in Nyack, when she visits Richie. At home, she walks through the community and wags her tail at most dogs, large and small, wanting to play. It’s wonderful to watch her grow and blossom and to experience her ever-increasing endearing personality. 

Her favorite activities include eating, sleeping, cuddling, running, jumping, and smelling everything in sight. 

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