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Rivertown.TV LIVE AfterDark | Well Aware

Rivertown.TV LIVE AfterDark | Well Aware

Full Spectrum of Self-Care

Our special episode ‘Well Aware’ covers the best of self-care with top leaders in the field, making space for all things well and aware – featuring:
Jean Godfrey-June, goop Beauty Editor
Ally Bogard, Global Meditation and Thought Leader, Co-creator Upwards Gold, Gaiatri Yoga Teacher Training and Sound Mind Meditation
Jodie Tassello, Acupuncturist, Founder Source Wellness
Faith Smash, Massage Therapist, Founder Nenriki Therapy
Jude Nuñez, Wellness & Beauty Coach and Creative of LiveWell with Jude
• Special guest host Ryan Paige, New York Real Estate Agent with Ask Adam NY/NJ Real Estate

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