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Rivertown: From the Managing Editor

Rivertown: From the Managing Editor

Dear Rivertown Family of Readers & then some…


Welcome to Rivertown Magazine’s “comeback” issue. It’s hard to imagine better first words for us at Rivertown Magazine than a heartfelt “Thank you” to our community of “heroes,” which, before COVID, may have been less readily recognized.

Beyond our immediate families are the anonymous heroes in our community. Clearly, our emergency services standout: police, fire, and medical professionals. They have directly saved our lives. And then, there are the other heroes who sold us our groceries, picked up our garbage, transported us to and from work, fed us from restaurant kitchens, delivered our Amazon purchases, and on and on. Most of these heroes did not have the option to stay home, to stay safe. So we embrace them and thank them!

This edition thanks all of our heroes by capturing the words of our residents. See “Letters of Love.” It’s a highly personal and emotionally charged testament to all of our heroes.

Our other feature focusing on small business tips our hat to the economic engine that drives our towns and villages in Rockland and Bergan counties. They have struggled mightily to simply stay in place. Some, sadly, have succumbed to unbearable debt.  Others have innovated curbside solutions. We thank and support our local businesses and continue to patronize them.

Thanksgiving is my very favorite and quintessential American holiday. Pandemic notwithstanding, we have plenty to be grateful for. I’ve heard so many stories about families re-focusing on their own family lives and the blessings immediate family members bestow on each other. Sadly, some families have been shattered by death or severe illness. Our hearts and prayers go out to those who are grieving indescribable losses.

Lastly, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity of being the new managing editor of Rivertown Magazine. My family moved to Rockland County in 2014, first to Piermont, and now settling in Nyack. I love this area and am very excited about evolving the magazine’s content, reach, and its goal to help our advertisers grow.

Thanksgiving Day best wishes to our readers and advertisers. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions for future issues.


Mike Grottola

Managing Editor

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