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Recipe for Change?

Recipe for Change?

Who were you before the outbreak? Who will you be after?

Meet a New York attorney, who amidst the pandemic, decided to trade his suit for an apron.

A mere seven weeks ago, my daily grind came to a screeching halt. Hectic “race against the clock” mornings were replaced with leisurely wake ups and newfound opportunities for conversations over a nourishing breakfast. Harried afternoons of school pick-ups, homework and dinner prep (for yet another rushed meal), were replaced with long walks, driveway chalk art and planting flowers. Evenings of carpooling and activities were replaced with family game nights, classic movies and Zoom calls with beloved grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.

This enchanted life alteration got me thinking: What if our pre-pandemic routines were just a mere façade? A familiar choreography, firing at an autonomous rapid pace, too fast to remember what we are running towards in the first place? Could isolation and societal limitations yield a deeper connection with our own truth? Is this the universe’s invitation to social and emotional rehabilitation? What do we truly miss from our lives before, and more importantly, what do we want to change on the other side of this? For some, they gain a new perspective and appreciation. For others, the answer is an undeniable desire to transform everything.

Enter prominent New York Attorney and Real Estate Analyst, Rick Tannenbaum. When Covid-19 reached pandemic level it meant time away from the routine of life as it it had always been known and Rick was faced with a novel gift: time to think. This period of reflection allowed him to take stock of his life.

“I realized when you reach a certain age, it’s time to do what you really want to do, not what you’ve been groomed to do.”

His parents had always stressed the importance of education and securing a “suit” job. “They worked hard with their hands so that I didn’t have to.” But Rick said he always had an appreciation for craft. Being gifted a suite of classes gifted by his wife at the Culinary Institute of America he became engaged in the science of baking and would regularly bake pound cake for family and friends over the years. He perfected the recipe and decided to make it a business.

He launched The Hudson Valley Loafer, established a website and got to work baking, using only high-end and organic ingredients. So why pound cake?

“Pound cake is the ultimate comfort food. It crosses generations and ethnicities, it’s something that makes people feel good.”

To view The Hudson Valley Loafer’s full menu and to place an order for delivery of organic pound cake, breads and cookies, visit The Hudson Valley Loafer.

Orders are delivered 24-48 hours after payment. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the delivery person will call or text to inform the purchaser and deliver to your door.  Shipping and delivery is limited to NY addresses only!

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