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Quinta’s March Seafood Madness

Quinta’s March Seafood Madness

Quinta Steakhouse’s Tradition of Community

Armando Cerdeira is a traditionalist. He’s been running Quinta Steakhouse for 16 years and has done very little to change the menu or the aesthetic of his restaurant. This is a deliberate choice. “I like the idea of consistency,” explained the chef, “I want today’s customers to come in and enjoy the same steak in the same spot three years from now.” His patrons are happy to oblige him. Quinta Steakhouse is a staple of Pearl River’s dining scene, with fiercely loyal customers who love the restaurant for its welcoming atmosphere and classic entrees.


After years of operating a French bistro alongside celebrity chef, Anthony Bourdain, Armando longed for a place where he could share his food at a slower pace and in a more relaxing atmosphere. “I wanted my restaurant to feel comfortable, almost like a living room.”

Armando had grown tired of living and working in NYC. When a suitable location opened up on Pearl River’s Main Street in 2004, the chef was happy to move in and quickly developed a real appreciation and understanding of his new home. Quinta opened its doors on St. Patrick’s Day, Pearl River’s most celebrated holiday. He has continued to respond to his clientele. Armando knows his customers.

His latest promotion, “March Seafood Madness,” is a case in point. During a month when many diners will be abstaining from meat, Quinta will serve a smorgasbord of seafood entrees at special prices. Lobster tails imported from South Africa, branzino from Spain, and Blue Point oysters caught right here in New York are just some of the highlights of a menu packed with fresh seafood.

Quinta will also be offering special deals on some of its most popular seafood offerings including a savory seafood risotto and grilled Atlantic salmon. “I can never make enough salmon,” Armando wryly observed. Other dishes include shrimp cocktail, lobster stuffed with crabmeat, cockles served in a garlic sauce, and clams oreganata.

“I believe in the classics,” said Armando.

Quinta Steakhosue is known not only for its steaks. They serve a blend of French, Portuguese, and American cuisine—including lamb chops, vegetable paella, and Pasteis de Bacalhau Cod fritters with smoked paprika aioli. The prix fixe lunch menu features a selection of sixteen entrees and a soup of the day for only twelve dollars. It’s a great opportunity to try out menu staples like Paella Valenciana with saffron rice, chicken and chorizo, or Pork Paillard, thinly sliced pork loin with port wine sauce. To complement the dishes, the bar stocks an impressive selection of wines from Portugal and Spain.

Armando and his steakhouse have built a wonderful relationship with the town. He is proud to share that 95% of Quinta’s business comes from regular customers who visit at least once a month. Stop in, youreself, and see why so many Pearl River patrons return to Quinta Steakhouse.

Quinta’s Steakhouse
24 East Central Avenue
Pearl River, NY


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