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Piermont Continues to Provide

Piermont Continues to Provide

Pete Helou & Piermont Provides Continue to Support the Frontline

Rivertown catches up with Pete Helou, president of Piermont Chamber of Commerce, as he continues to lead efforts of the Piermont Provides initiative.

Piermont Provides is a campaign created by Piermont Chamber of Commerce says Pete Helou, President. Piermont restaurants are contributing nutritious meals, delivered by the Piermont Fire Department, to the nurses, doctors and staff who can spend hours in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). When they do get a break from working around the clock in response to the COVID-19 virus, Piermont Provides is there with family style meals. Hospitals and ER’s are flooded during this pandemic, this effort shows we are all only as strong as our communities.

Please continue to support this noble cause: Piermont Provides

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