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A Taste of Home: The Gracie Rose

A Taste of Home: The Gracie Rose

The three “biddies” of The Gracie Rose. Photo by Meghan Donovan

Small town, big Irish community; that is what some would say about the quaint hamlet of Pearl River. Located a short 20 miles north of New York City, it is considered the Irish epicenter of Rockland County. That makes it the ideal location for an establishment like The Gracie Rose, a thriving Irish tea shop and in-store grocery that serves as a welcoming space to experience Irish cuisine.  

What makes the establishment unique is its imported goods section. True to the slogan “a taste of home,” not only can you dine in or take food to-go, patrons can browse Irish products at the in-store grocery.  The shop’s storefront window has a giant tree with teacups hung from its branches. Once inside, co-owner Tina Murphy says “people comment on how cozy and comfortable it is, and that’s the whole spirit of the business.” Co-owner Bernie Fitzgerald adds, “we want them to feel as if they’re in their own home.” Don’t forget to look up — a favorite decor piece are the teacup chandeliers!  

Enter the “three biddies” who own and run the business Bernie (Foley) Fitzgerald, from County Kerry, Ireland along with Tina (Segatta) Murphy and Tara (Tonner) McDonald, both of whom grew up in town. The trio has known each other for years and when the opportunity arose to take ownership in 2022, they joined forces without hesitation. With the love of their families, culture and the support of the community, these ladies are bringing a touch of Ireland with every plate they serve.  “Being a country-specific dine-in eatery and shop, The Gracie Rose is unique; other places offer one or the other” says McDonald. 

Photo by Meghan Donovan

Their menu features Irish classics, from all-day breakfast, lunch, and afternoon tea, to all the sweets in between. A top seller is the traditional breakfast paired with homemade brown bread. Other favorites include fish and chips, the GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association) burger, the classic chicken curry, and The Friar Tuck sandwich, a chicken filet with homemade coleslaw. Satisfying all taste buds from savory to sweet, customers can nosh on shepherd’s pie, sausage rolls, homemade soups, scones, and fresh cream buns. There are no shortcuts here, and its authenticity is what has customers driving to Pearl River from Westchester to South Jersey.  

Now, to the sweets! The owners describe their baker Emma Charlton, another Pearl River local of Irish descent, as “phenomenal.” All desserts are made in-house, including Irish-style apple pie, Irish biscuit cake, sherry trifles, apple crisps, and assorted scones: white chocolate and cranberry, raisin, chocolate chip, and plain, plus other seasonal flavors.  

As they near their one-year milestone as owners, the biddies are eager for the future ahead. While the holiday season is their busiest time for basket making, they are expanding the business and having them available for all occasions. Baskets can be shipped across North America with items including candy, teas, canned and dry goods   all from their in-store market. These are distinguished by brand names that speak volumes to Irish immigrants, such as Barry’s, Batchelors, Cadbury, and Lucozade. 

Photo by Meghan Donovan

The catering side of the business is another growth area the trio is working on, offering platters of appetizers, sandwiches and desserts, just in mini versions of their traditional menu. This opportunity not only would diversify their business, it provides a niche other delis just don’t have. Keep these ladies in mind when celebrating life moments such as communions, graduations, and holiday parties. They are ready to bring delicious eats to the party!  

The three co-owners have a clear view of what makes their business special. Their door is open to both old and new to enjoy an experience you don’t need a plane ticket for.  Maggie Marsico

The Gracie Rose
44 E Central Ave
Pearl River, NY 10965  



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