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Nyack & Piermont Mayors Speak-Out

Nyack & Piermont Mayors Speak-Out

Stronger Together

Today on our first episode of Rivertown LIVE with Reed Tighe, we were joined by Nyack Mayor Don Hammond and Piermont Mayor Bruce Tucker. Viewer questions were answered in addition to an up-to-date insight into the mayoral responsibilities of our rivertowns, as we all navigate this pandemic together. Leave comments below on who you’d like us to go live with next, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to be a part of our next live audience.

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  • Mayor Tucker – we need more control over the cyclists who are still coming to Piermont in large groups that simply do not follow regulations – do not wear masks – do not ride singe file and are often incredibly rude to local residents. I saw a cyclist cut off a car in front of the Turning Point the other day and then stop short and start screaming at the driver nearly causing a pile-up. Unfortunately this happens on a regular basis.

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