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Nothing Can Stop Love–Wedding Ceremonies Continue

Nothing Can Stop Love–Wedding Ceremonies Continue

Carrying forth ministering and officiating the union of love.

One Heart Ceremonies continues to provide support, guidance and care around wedding celebrations. Learn more about Norma and Mark’s work in this interview.

Mark Giller and Norma Moutal, Wedding Officiants and Ceremony Consultants, know all about wedding ceremonies. For well over twenty years, the duo has been in the business of helping couples make the most of their special day. In that time, they’ve established a stellar reputation based on their integrity, compassion, responsiveness and professionalism. – writer, Joseph Kuhn

Norma Moutal and Mark Giller of One Heart Personalized Ceremonies

“The hallmark of the work we do is that we treat every couple like family,” said Mark. He explains, “We put together ceremonies that reflect the history of a couple. Their beliefs, and the nature of their relationship. We discover what makes their story unique.”

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