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Exclusive: Local Musicians Tribute First Responders

Exclusive: Local Musicians Tribute First Responders

Never Alone

A gift of gratitude for all the people on the front line, all the parents at home with their kids, the people worried about making a living and all of us, never alone together.

On April 28th 2020 at 1pm EST, Jason Shulman is releasing a touching music video to accompany his song Never Alone. This is the first video in which frontline healthcare workers, children and families have participated in the creation of the video’s heartfelt moments. Never Alone is about our togetherness in this time of isolation.

Jason Shulman is the founder of A Society of Souls, an organization and school for health professionals and others who are seeking a spiritual approach to life and healing. In addition to founding A Society of Souls, Jason is a musician and songwriter. This song is from his 2008 album Unlock My Heart. Jason is a Board Member of the Foundation for Nonduality.

The Foundation for Nonduality is a nonprofit​ is dedicated to making the principles of nondual​ thinking and practice as articulated by Jason Shulman available to the greater public for the purpose of transforming the consciousness of individuals in order to help alleviate suffering in the world.

Words, Music and Performance by Jason Shulman
© 2008 Jason Shulman & Great Faith Music
Song Produced by Gary Malkin
Gina Turner, Creative Director
Video Produced by Red King Productions

This video is a gift from the Foundation for Nonduality & The Jason Shulman Library.

#neveralone #foundationfornonduality

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Foundation for Nonduality
Podcast: Healing into Awakening
A Society of Souls

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