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Meet the Maker: Lomar Farms’ Brett Wright and Yvonna Kopacz-Wright

Meet the Maker: Lomar Farms’ Brett Wright and Yvonna Kopacz-Wright

Brett Wright and Yvonna Kopacz-Wright have traded in the hustle and bustle of Hollywood for the buzzing life of beekeeping and artisanry. As a media exec and actress, they spent nearly 20 years splitting their time between New York City and Los Angeles before making Rockland their home in 2013.  

Lomar Farms’ honey and candle gift box

“We love Rockland for its change of pace and proximity to the city. The hamlet of Palisades is an amazing community with thoughtful people who are engaged in making the world a better place,” said Brett. 

Lomar Farms, their artisanal shop with products from their bees and farm, is a labor of love (and the namesake of their daughters, Lola and Marley). Read on to learn more about this dynamic couple and the business they pour their heart and soul into.

Yvonna and Brett along with their daughters at the farm

When did you start Lomar Farms and what drove you to start it? 

“We started Lomar in 2017 by accident. While researching how we could rehabilitate the grounds on our property we came across a story on honey bees. As we dug a little deeper, we became aware of their importance to our ecosystem and the challenges they face.  

After watching a documentary, we decided to take a beekeeping class and become beekeepers. We had a lot of byproducts — honey, candles — that we started giving to friends and family. Based on their response, we decided to start branding and selling the products online and at hyperlocal retailers in Rockland.” 

What’s the most interesting or unexpected thing about working with bees? 

“[Laughing] The most interesting thing about working with bees is that it hurts when they sting! The reality is that we learn something new and magical about the bees all the time. They build perfect communities and their byproducts are so essential to humans, plants, and the universe.   

The benefits of honey, wax, and propolis, in addition to what they do as pollinators, are mind-blowing. They are responsible for one-third of our food source. If our society were more like honey bees’, we would be amazing.” 

Do you make all your own products by hand? 

“Most of our products are made by hand and by us. Our candles and body products are all made by hand, on-premises, for example. We try to source all of our ingredients from sustainable and environmentally sound vendors, and most of our manufacturing partners are based in New York.” 

Can you name your favorite Lomar Farms product and tell us why? 

“It is very hard to name a favorite product. We use them all seriously. Our candles are pretty awesome. The power of smell is magical, and lighting one can transport you to a different place and time. 

We also love our Body Juice items, which are great for your skin. The Blood Orange scented body oil is sunshine in a bottle!” 

Are there any new projects you’re working on that we should keep an eye out for? 

“We are always working on new products and recently launched a CBD-infused honey that has been very well received. Other than that, we are continuing to sell the line of spices we rolled out last year and are relaunching our jerk BBQ sauce in a couple of weeks, just in time for BBQ season.” 

Where in Rockland can folks find Lomar Farms goods? 

“You can find a full line of our products at Archive Home in Nyack and at the Market on 9W in Palisades. Both have been with us since we started and are wonderful retailers. You can also shop online.” 


Joanne Louis-Paul is a marketing and sales professional, writer, and community builder with a heart for her native Rockland County and the Hudson Valley region at large. She loves welcoming small business owners into her ever-growing Hudson Valley United Freelancers and Entrepreneurs group on Facebook. 

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