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May Your Holidays Be Isolation Proof

May Your Holidays Be Isolation Proof

With annual holiday parties happening in a slightly different fashion, this season, there will be more focus on what we’re drinking at the dinner table. What follows is a nice variety of celebratory libations our resident holiday spirit nerds are drinking this year.

Two and a half years ago, I was in the middle of a career in commercial advertising when I began to feel like I was spending too much time on screens and needed a shift to something more meaningful.

My wife Catharine and I purchased property in the Catskills to spend more time in nature, waking up with deer and turkeys in the yard. As we spent time up there, the wheels began turning inside my head about what I could do with the ample local resources. We asked ourselves, “What if we started a distillery in the barn?” It would leverage our combined interests in mixology, cooking, and working with our hands. So, I began training with local distillers. Fortunately, the craft distillery industry is very generous and open to sharing information. We settled on making gin—it has a rich and fascinating history, it requires very little time for aging, and we were able to create unique botanical flavor profiles that distinguishes our gin from any other on the market. Between myself, my wife Catharine, my partner Sam Blackman and his wife, Imogen, over a weekend, we conceived our brand. The name is not about drinking alone. It is about what it means to be isolation proof. It’s about the importance of connection. When we set out to make great spirits, what surprised us is that the product we made ended up connecting us to the community and customers, in ways we couldn’t imagine. Drawing from the spring water behind the barn, we ran dozens of 750 ml tests on our tiny little still—one botanical at a time, trying out different combinations until we landed on the perfect recipe. Our goal was to try to take a slow food approach with spirits. Moving ahead, we will be distilling our original gin year-round and developing seasonal gins, according to what ingredients are available and in season—such as locally foraged botanicals and fresh honey from my wife’s beehives. Keep an eye out for Isolation Proof gin and future special small batches at your local spirit shop.

Jake Sherry, Owner/Distiller

Isolation Proof
365 County Highway 5
Bovina Center, NY

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