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Letter From the Publisher

Letter From the Publisher

To whom it may concern,

Mostly due to the Covid pandemic, along with a few other related details, we decided to pause Rivertown for this year of 2021; the first time in our twenty year history.

As we have many other business interests, we are seeking one well-qualified candidate who might like to avail themselves of an amazing career business opportunity…that being to take over fully, the position of operating the magazine commencing in 2022, for the next twenty years.

We are not selling Rivertown, but  offering a position that will enable such a candidate to become a full partner-plus, with us, as Publisher and EIC, once you demonstrate that you have the necessary skill set, qualifications and related resources.

We are also open to a partnership relationship with a corresponding business enterprise as well, or as both.

Solely, due to additional other business interests, makes this truly golden opportunity possible.

The vision for someone is simple.

Who wants to have ownership in a staple magazine, within the multi communities we serve, and continue to grow it, with the same expectations as we have?

If you are seriously interested and qualified, I will be happy to discuss this further, in total confidence.

Gary Blankfort
Moon Media Group
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