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JCC Rockland Announces Line Up of 20th Annual International Jewish Film Festival

JCC Rockland Announces Line Up of 20th Annual International Jewish Film Festival

JCC Rockland’s International Jewish Film Festival uses film to provide cultural understanding and enrichment, to spark awareness and discourse among all communities in Rockland County. The primary goal of the Festival is to build bridges between the Jewish community, other ethnic and religious communities, and all Rocklanders and their neighbors. It has grown over the years to be one of the largest, most anticipated, and well respected Cultural Arts events in the tri-state area.

This year’s Film Festival marks our first year fully in person since the start of the pandemic. We are featuring 12 extraordinary films and filmmakers from every corner of the Jewish world. Each film will be shown in person at the AMC Palisades IMAX or at JCC Rockland between April 18th and May 9th. For those patrons who are not yet comfortable returning in person, all 12 films will be available virtually between May 10th and May 24th.

The festival presents international cinematic exploration and celebration of Jewish and Israeli life, culture, identity, diversity, complexity and history The festival brings the entire Rockland community together to experience award-winning films creates a unique opportunity to address challenging issues through a Jewish lens and to foster greater understanding and vision of the world around us. The list of this year’s films includes heart-tugging dramas, insightful documentaries, fun-filled comedies, and films about famous Jews involved in music, sports, and social action,

The festival will continue to bring International filmmakers, critics, writers, and experts in the fields of law, politics, culture who will put the films in context during post-screening forums with our audiences. The Q & A sessions following the discussions will facilitate dialogue and understanding throughout our community,

To see the full list of films and to buy tickets, please visit or call 845-362-4400. See you at the movies.


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