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In & Around Our Rivertowns: Nice to See You Again 

In & Around Our Rivertowns: Nice to See You Again 

You Never Know Where You’ll See Rivertown Magazine: It could be in St. Ann, Jamaica (where this picture was taken) or Jamaica, Queens. Wherever it is, send a photo of you holding up Rivertown to, and who knows? The next time you open Rivertown, you might just see yourself staring back at you from one of our pages. Happy travels.

There’s something almost metaphysical about the process of publishing a periodical like Rivertown Magazine.

The work we create, page by painstaking page, is, of course, designed to interest and to satisfy you. Yet, while we are in the throes of reinventing our product with each issue, we have no choice but to see you only in our mind’s eye, thinking, “What does this person want to know about? What will stimulate their curiosity enough to gobble up the words that comprise an article?”

It is only when the publication in finished form — the physical collation of bound papers — meets your eyes that our work, our connection to you, is galvanized and glows, like the metal filament inside Edison’s light bulb. We strive to enlighten you. We also depend on your enlightening us, through your feedback for what we should show and tell you. 

That’s why, after our March-April relaunch issue made its long-awaited appearance, those of us who live in that masthead to your right felt grateful and gleeful for the generosity of spirit with which you embraced the return of Rivertown Magazine.

We felt fully welcome and appreciated as we made the rounds of Rockland and environs to personally deliver stacks of the magazine — 12,000 copies in all! — to the hundreds of locations happy to offer Rivertown free to their customers.

We felt that mutual excitement too when we greeted more than 100 of you at Hotel Nyack’s Farm restaurant in late March for the first in our renewed series of Rivertown Exchange networking events. Save the date of Tuesday, June 6, when we look forward to seeing you at La Terrazza in New City.

We even felt warm and fuzzy to receive a letter correcting an error of fact in the March-April issue. The writer, a resident of Upper Nyack, pointed out that we mistook it for Nyack in an article about River Hook, and asked us to own up to it, so consider us self-owned. We thank that reader for writing us and for calling it “a wonderful article.” We love happy endings. 

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