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Hope. Change. Life.

Hope. Change. Life.

On Sunday November 15th, Tony Osso, founder of JL Blessings, and a group of volunteers, took to the streets of Piermont to raise awareness for a growing problem throughout the U.S.—and here in the Hudson Valley: homelessness.

With the masks in place, signs in hand, and “just love” in their hearts, the group of volunteers marched throughout town. Throughout the march, they would stop and ask residents and visitors of the town to consider donating backpacks filled with “bare essentials,” such as non-perishable foods, blankets, soap and toothpaste. They encourage you to MAKE IT YOUR OWN…

The mission of JL Blessings is

“We provide the homeless men, women, and children of NYC and NJ with backpacks containing the bare essentials. We make sure every backpack includes a handwritten note of encouragement. With a motivational message, the
JL=Just Love motto, and a first name at the end of every note, the homeless people who receive backpacks will know that there are others thinking about them who are providing support and encouragement to Just Love!”

For more information on JL Blessings and how to get involved, please visit

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