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Homeschool Q & A

Homeschool Q & A

Homeschool Sanity Check

As avid homeschooling parents, Mario the Magician and his wife Katie are going live on Facebook today at 3pm, hosting an open discussion about the challenges we are currently facing amidst COVID-19 school closures. As a touring family they have learned a lot from touring the country while homeschooling their two kids. Their goal is to share their insights and advice to help all new homeschoolers cope with our immediate future. See more info below.

HOMESCHOOLING SANITY CHECK! Now that you’re a few days in… let’s talk. Katie goes live again TODAY (Thu 3/19) at 3PM EST, ready to get real about challenges and solutions (trust me, we’ve gone through it ALL!!!) Join in! We can all work through this together! Got specific questions? Comment now and we’ll save them or comment live during the session!!

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