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Donuts, With a Mochi-Twist: Newcomer Soopong Invites You to Picnic 

Donuts, With a Mochi-Twist: Newcomer Soopong Invites You to Picnic 

Mochi-style donuts.

It’s fitting that Sopoong Donuts, a new Korean-inspired dessert cafe in Wyckoff that opened in September 2022, is surrounded by the many local parks of Bergen County.   

The name of the Goffle Road business translates to “picnic,” said owner Young Choi, because he wants customers to feel at ease as they sip on a smoothie or munch on a mochi-style donut. “Or wherever they are at a sports game, the park just roll out a blanket and enjoy.” 

Choi hails from Glen Rock and runs Sopoong alongside his wife and another business partner. Their hope is that the cafe’s selection offers an alternative to the more familiar style of donuts from chains like Dunkin’ and Krispy Kreme, he explained. Their signature treat does just that.  

The mochi donut is a ring of fried dough bubbles that are slightly crispy on the outside but soft, fluffy, and chewy on the inside. Sopoong offers a rotating selection of not-too-sweet glazes and flavors, including churro, purple yam (also known as ube), Thai tea, Earl Grey, and black sesame, in addition to classics like vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate. “These donuts are on a different level,” said Choi. “To try is to believe.” 

Corn Dogs

For a savory option, the corn dogs offered at Sopoong are also a departure from what customers might find at a ball game or carnival. The batter makes for a sweeter and crispier texture than the typical corn bread and can be topped with hot Cheetos, cheese balls, regular or truffle parmesan potatoes, or be made churro style. Inside, as is typical for Korean corn dogs, customers can opt for a sausage, cheese, or both. 


Choi credits the massive success of K-pop stars like BTS and Blackpink for the rising popularity of Korean culture in the U.S. in recent years. He said that thanks to the supportive residents of Wyckoff and surrounding communities of Ridgewood, Midland Park and Glen Rock word of mouth is spreading about Sopoong, too.  

“We are catching up day by day,” said Choi, who manages Sopoong’s website and Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook accounts. “This is a mom-and-pop store. I’m a very old gentleman, but I’m learning.” 

Visit Sopoong Donuts on 407 Goffle Rd., Wyckoff, NJ 07481 


Elyse Toribio has lived in North Jersey for nearly 20 years and is always looking for a new shop, restaurant or spot in the area to recommend to friends and family. 





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