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Delivering Big on Boutique

Delivering Big on Boutique



From high-end equestrian and luxury home markets right down to the little guy, this real estate team has got amazing props—and your best interests at heart, as demonstrated by a recent impressive sale in Warwick, New York.

Meet Sandy Glazman and his colleague, Jennifer Lucas. They are two esteemed agents at Warwick, New York’s distinguished William Raveis Baer & McIntosh’s office in the quaint historic village. It is not surprising that a few years ago, they spoke over coffee—at an artisan java bar in town, about the level of service they wanted to provide to not only discerning clients, but every client. On the table: how they could best meet individual needs, whatever that may be.

“This was an issue because, here in eclectic Warwick, this can certainly range with properties including both an extreme luxury market and smaller, sleepy bedroom townhomes,” says Sandy.

The formula for a boutique delivery of service was percolating even then; and lucky for their many clients, it is a winning recipe. Curating the Brand The boutique experience is a focused effort to build strong relationships in the community, to provide professional and personalized service, and to handle every client and transaction uniquely. “Being such a diverse place, we knew our approach to real estate in Warwick could benefit from such pointed attention and care, determined uniquely for each listing.


By growing our networks in all our markets and even offering ourselves as go-to’s in the community for local information, we can expand how we can address our clients’ needs. We run events and also offer aggregating lists of service partners for our clients to utilize (and, yes, even contacting them ourselves). In doing so, we draw on resources for them with increased effectiveness,” says Sandy. With the boutique real estate movement making changes in how homes are sold in an evolving market, the team is glad to be on board.

“In boutique real estate, you consider the personal preferences of your clients, their lifestyle, and their personal needs and you draw no lines between personal and professional assistance. You deliver whatever convenience is needed to the client, highly personalized like a service that would be found in any boutique shop. It is small town real estate but with high value,” states Jennifer.

Terra Hills Farm–SOLD

This month, Jen and Sandy will deliver big for one of their clients at beautiful Terra Hills Farm, as they close on a sale. As with many properties in Warwick, this unique equestrian farm was not the usual listing an agent might encounter, and it posed its unique challenge. A luxury home including a riding and training business with elite offices, a no-expense-spared barn, a 42-acre property with premium paddocks, out sheds, and Olympic-sized riding circles certainly required some heavy-hitting and finding just that appropriate buyer. Because Jen and Sandy had grown their expertise in the equestrian market as part of their boutique experience here and after leveraging contacts across social platforms nationwide, theywere ever more equipped to provide stellar services to these clients and deliver on their needs. They were the best photographers and even produced marketing videos of the property. They went all out. “Because of the unique nature of this beautiful area, with roving landscapes, and exceptional recreational locations, luxury properties including horse farms, historic estates, and million-dollar homes on scenic land present themselves quite often. We know stakes are high on these properties, and we have cultivated a broad and diverse arena of resources as we seek to move them most effectively. This beautiful horse farm is just one example of how we are always thinking ahead and bettering ourselves for our clients, present and future,” says Sandy.

Working for You

Thankfully, Wiliam Raveis provides its agents with the tools necessary to rise to occasions such as the sale of the horse farm. As well-experienced agents in this niche, Sandy and Jen can offer their expertise toward handling a market’s competition, winning bids for their buyers, and negotiating the best price for their sellers. These are the things they wrote on their napkins that day in town, and this is what will be delivered every day if you enlist them to sell for you. Check out Jen’s latest property at 25 Points of View. Jen boasts, “From its beautiful mahogany porch to a massive gentleman’s hunting themed home office, it is a luxury country home worthy of kings!” And she’s at it again. Call today for a showing, here, in rustic Points of View, or to enlist this winning team to market your special place; furthermore, they can find you a great one, here in ours.

Jennifer Lucas
William Raveis Baer & McIntosh
Licensed Real Estate Agent
(845) 820-1687

Sanford Glazman
William Raveis Baer & McIntosh
Licensed Real Estate Associate Broker
(201) 394-0169

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