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Covid-19 Update: Wednesday 5/20/20

Covid-19 Update: Wednesday 5/20/20


The Corona Virus continues to have disproportionate impact on lower income communities according to
new data collected by the New York State Health Department. During his Tuesday coronavirus briefing
Gov. Andrew Cuomo shared the department’s findings and outlined his plan to better protect at risk

“Wear the masks.  The masks work.”

• Cuomo reported that lower income neighborhoods in NYC are reporting an average infection
rate of around 27% compared to the city wide average 19.9%. Some parts of the Bronx are
seeing double the average number of cases. New cases coming from lower income areas “can
literally (be tracked) that on a zip code basis” lamented the governor.

• The state has stepped up testing in response to the problem; they’ve partnered with religious
leaders to establish “72 faith based sites” were parishioners can get tested. The state is also
creating 32 new testing sites inside of public housing developments.

• Cuomo has also announced the expansion of public outreach teams who will be tasked with
educating people on how to stay safe from the virus and providing vital supplies like hand
sanitizer to at risk communities.

• Despite these challenges the state is seeing an overall decline in Hospitalizations, Incubations,
and the overall number of new cases.

The governor also responded to questions about a possible federal probe into the number of nursing
home deaths that have occurred in New York since the outbreak. New York Congresswoman Elise
Stefanik has called for an investigation into the governor’s decision to allow Covid patients to return to
nursing home.

Cuomo has defended his decision stating that it was in accordance with CDC guidelines.
In local news Rockland County has reported no confirmed COVID-19-related deaths last Tuesday — the
last 24-hour period without a coronavirus-related death was March 21, according to the county.
Hospitalizations have also continued dropping, from 83 cases to 76 and the rate of new cases has now
declined to under 1%

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