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Coronavirus Update–Saturday 5/30/20

Coronavirus Update–Saturday 5/30/20

Coronavirus Update

Day 91

As New York City prepares to enter Phase 1 of reopening next week, here are details for the Mid-Hudson Region.

“It’s a day where we see how far we’ve come in so many ways, and a day we see how far we need to go.”

• Five regions of upstate New York entered in Phase 2 of reopening yesterday, Friday.

• Two more regions are set to enter Phase 2 next week, The Capital Region and the Western Region.

• NY state to step up testing with one additional site per zip code.

• 10 “hot spots” in New York City are identified with the highest number of hospitalizations in the state.

• Governor Cuomo signed a bill today that gives death benefits to families of public front-line workers who have died of COVID-19.

“The more we learn–the more effective we learn it [the mask] is.”

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