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Buyin’ with Ryan: Wedding Suit

Buyin’ with Ryan: Wedding Suit

The Wedding Suit Guide
By Ryan Paige

I am at the point where I feel like I am attending a wedding almost every other weekend. I actually have one next weekend! There are weddings throughout the year of all different types—destination, Black-Tie, beach, winter, summer, outdoor…and the list goes on. Sometimes, it can be difficult knowing what suit or what shoes to go with for the occasion.

All the suits and accessories I’m using as examples have been selected from Suit Supply, which has a wide range of styles at varying price points. They also carry all of the shirts, ties, shoes, and accessories I need for any occasion. But no matter where you shop, remember this: The most important aspect of the suit is the man (or woman) wearing it and the way it fits. So always make sure it’s tailored to YOUR body, and that you feel good in it.

Here’s my quick and easy guide for looking your best on the big day.

*If you are in a a jam and need a tux quickly, a great rental service is The Black Tux. They got you covered with anything you need for a blacktie event from the feet up!

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