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Ask The Coach: Loneliness

Ask The Coach: Loneliness

Life Coach Dianne McKim

Navigating our feelings during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Loneliness has had a slow progression into becoming epidemic in the United States. With the current pandemic, it can increase for those who may have lost someone recently or are apart from loved ones. Let’s read on to learn some ideas on how to handle this.


Dear Dianne,

I am really struggling with this quarantine. I feel so alone and so lonely. I don’t have anyone living with me and can’t go out to any events since they are all cancelled. I don’t know what to do to help myself. Can you help?

Janet T.


Janet, first let me say I can understand how this quarantine can exacerbate the feeling of loneliness due to the isolation we are experiencing. These days are truly unprecedented and there are many who are experiencing the same feeling.

Often a lack of connection or communication contributes to the feeling of loneliness, we can feel lonely even when we are around others. Because health issues can arise when loneliness gets magnified it would be beneficial to implement some of the following suggestions.

– Working with a strong, certified coach can help you handle and move forward from the feelings of loneliness.

– Reaching out to family and friends regularly via telephone, video chat, text will help keep you connected. Ask a trusted friend or family member to reach out to you regularly to help alleviate the loneliness.

– Studies show discovering or increasing faith can help overcome negative emotions. There are many holding services online that you can join.

– Go for a walk, jog, run outside. The fresh air really helps. Breathe.

– Do some searching on the internet for groups of interest that are meeting virtually and join them. There are so many that have transitioned to the virtual world… meetings, workouts, services, webinars, museums, films, social media groups based on interest (hiking, artists, puzzlers to name a few). Search for your interests which can help you find ways to join in the fun with these virtual groups.

Janet, drop me a note to let me know how you are doing as you try the tips provided.

If you have a question for Dianne, please send it to her at Names may be changed to protect identities. All questions may not be published here on Rivertown Magazine.

Dianne McKim is a Certified Business and Life Coach with a passion to help her clients achieve their greatest self personally, professionally, and spiritually. Her 35+ years in Corporate America, her training, and her life experiences provide her with deep wisdom to help her clients overcome negative emotions, overwhelm, lack of confidence, and more so they succeed.

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