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April’s Hero of the Month

April’s Hero of the Month

Gary's Gutter Hero of the Month Noel Rappaport

April’s Hero: Noel Rappaport

Noel Rappaport started his company after serving in the Army during the Vietnam era. For 52 years, A & N Rappaport Lock & Alarm has been ensuring that people get a good night’s sleep in these unsettled times. His name is synonymous with peace and security. The untold story of his love for the people of Haverstraw is mirrored in his philanthropic activities over the decades. Recently at a luncheon at Union Restaurant in Haverstraw Gary Parahus, the owner of Gary’s Gutter Services honored Noel as its April 2020 “Hero of the Month” for his devotion to the citizens of Haverstraw.

Noel is one of Haverstraw’s biggest boosters. For years he has been attending Village Town Board Meetings and advocating for Haverstraw’s renaissance, and now they are spending $5,000,000 to upgrade the streets. Noel has also been an advocate for business development along New Main Street. Whenever there has been a need in the town, Noel’s passionate involvement has resulted in numerous donations and charitable support for many projects that enhance the quality of life in the town.

Let’s take a look at some of his accomplishments over the last 52 years. He has been President of the Chamber of Commerce for 14 years, often backing it with his own money. He has been President of the Ambulance Corp three times. He has been a member of the North Rockland Lions Club since 1973 and also served as President. He served as House Chairman of the Congregation of The Sons of Jacob for 40 years and is now their Acting President. The Synagogue is closing and Noel is handling all the negotiations. He has also donated to the World War ll Monument in the Clock Park. He even has his own employees put up banners on New Main Street. These are just a few of the charitable endeavors of Noel Rappaport—a citizen, soldier, businessman and philanthropist. People like Noel are what make America the greatest country on earth.

If you would like to donate to any of Noel’s charitable endeavors, call him at his store at (845) 429-8400 or email him at Rivertown congratulates Noel Rappaport for being chosen as April 2020 “Hero of the Month.”

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