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A Workout Routine That Gets Results

A Workout Routine That Gets Results

For Busy Moms, These Practices Are Key

It’s never too late to start taking charge of your health. I’ve been a fitness and nutrition coach for 15 years, but when I had my daughter five years ago, I became a busy mom and realized I was going to have to make adjustments if I was going to keep prioritizing my physical and mental well-being. 

Since then, my work has shifted to supporting the pre- and post-natal population through my online coaching company, Moms Without Limits. A majority of my clients are also busy mamas who come to me feeling scattered and overwhelmed with the responsibilities of kids, family, career, social obligations (and the list goes on). Their health usually gets overlooked as they juggle all the aspects of their lives.    

If you can relate and are looking to lose weight, increase your energy and strength, enhance your mood, and achieve a toned appearance — all while staying on top of your long to-do list — keep reading. I’ve got you covered! 

The Problem 

 Pregnancy and delivery compromise and weaken your core muscles, so it’s important to follow a program with the right exercises to build your core capacity back up. I make sure my clients are always nurturing this critical foundation, regardless of how advanced they get.

On top of that, we women begin to naturally lose muscle mass starting at age 30 at a rate of three to eight percent per decade. As muscle is lost, fat is more easily gained while strength, balance, and bone density decline.  

However, there is hope!

The Solution  

In order to sidestep the statistics, the number one thing you can start doing is working out with weights. A common misconception I hear is that using weights will result in a bulky, muscular frame. However, the right programs provide safe protocols that allow my clients to enjoy:  

  • Increased fat burning 
  • Improved metabolism and hormone health 
  • More strength, independence, and confidence 
  • A lean figure  

Last, but certainly not least, I demystify confusion around good nutrition practices, which often stems from misleading information in marketing and The Diet Culture. Eating the right foods in the right amounts to achieve your fitness goals is a skill that I am constantly helping my busy mamas refine. 

You Don’t Have to Do This Alone  

This may seem like just more things you don’t have time to do, but you can thrive with the right information, guidance, and — most importantly — support and encouragement. As the saying goes, “Your health is your wealth,” and I want to see as many women as possible experience the inside-out transformation that is just within their reach.  

Moms Without Limits caters to mamas who want to ensure they spend their precious time on fitness endeavors that yield real results. I tailor each client’s program to her unique needs, goals, and lifestyle and bring together a community of women who understand our unique challenges. 

If you’re ready to make this year different, I encourage you to visit, learn more about my online No Limits 12-week program, and setup a time to chat about your goals. Helping women change their lives never gets old for me!

By Allison Hassan, Certified Personal Trainer and Head Mama in Charge

For more info: 

Moms Without Limits 

(646) 620-8311  

Photos by Samantha Finch.

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