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A Letter To Our Heros From Piermont Civic Association

A Letter To Our Heros From Piermont Civic Association

Many nurses, doctors and front line workers call Piermont home – we call them heroes.

Among them are Erin and Chris Winfree. Erin as been working as an anesthesiologist at Nyack Montefiore Hospital and also helped out at Forest Hills Hospital during the peak of the pandemic.  Erin’s husband Chris is a neurosurgeon at Columbia Presbyterian.  He and his group helped staff a COVID unit at his hospital.

“ I was just doing my job. I don’t particularly feel like a hero” says Erin.

Erin and her husband moved to Piermont in 2012 right before Superstorm Sandy, from New York City- not the best welcome wagon for Erin and Chris, nonetheless they stuck it out.  Now with two children age five and seven, Piermont has very much become their home.

During the height of the pandemic, Erin and her husband  would coordinate their schedules so that one of them was always home with their children. How did they manage those long, hospital days with two young children at home? Columbia University helped with home schooling and fortunately, our wonderful community also stepped in.

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Erin says her “amazing neighbors” kept her family fed, dropped off many baked goods/desserts, played the part of the Easter Bunny with a multitude of gifts left for the children during the holiday, and along with their generosity of spirit, they kept Erin and her family sane during this horrific time.

Erin also was the recipient of meals from Piermont Provides with dinner from Pier 701 funded by local donations.

So as we all feel grateful to Erin and her husband, she humbly feels thankful to our villagers and Piermont.

“What an important role the community’s support was during this time” she generously says.

To all our heroes, a heartfelt  thank you.

Joanne ‘JoJo’ Ottaviano
Piermont Civic Association

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