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A Guide to the Center of Calm – Everyday

A Guide to the Center of Calm – Everyday

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You loved Katie’s mindful wellness insight last month so much, we asked her back to share her best practices in honoring the life that keeps happening in a time we need reminders to take care of ourselves – during the shelter in place order.  Jeannine Deramo scooped easy ways to return to peace and the lowdown on classes this weekend with the Peace in Piermont digital studio, for Mom – or to take with mom during her interview with Katie.

Wake up. Cook. Dishes. Work. Laundry. Laundry. Laundry. As I mindlessly stare at the agitation of the washer and dryer, the irony is not lost on me. This whirling cycle is a mimic of my daily routine. But I am not an inanimate machine. I am a living, breathing creature who needs nurturing and cultivation. So, how, and when, do I stop this cycle to create time and space for such self-care?

I always thought, “Let me just finish _____ (insert any from a litany of daily tasks) and then I can relax and focus on the kids.” Recently, I wondered…instead of trying to separate these, maybe there’s a way to integrate the two? A way to feel cohesive and productive at day’s end, instead of isolated and frustrated?

Turns out, there IS a way.

Katie Stoeckeler, thriving business owner of yoga and mindfulness studio, Peace in Piermont, and step-mama of two, sat down with me to share practical advice on becoming more intentional with our days. She enlightens us with a family-centered approach to self-care using creative strategies. Katie shares with us ways to structure our hectic days by offering positive reinforcement, and she reveals tools that we can model as a healthy example of managing daily stressors and create space for gratitude.

For more with Katie visit Peace in Piermont

Free Video Series

A three part video series with Katie for creating a mindful practice to build on.

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